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Okay, I haven't been updating. But I've been at school, so there's my excuse. Working on an art project (clay), and it's actually turning out well. but the due date is the day we go back to school. I'm hoping that a little begging will get my teacher to extend the date. I'm making the Venus de Milo, and holy crap, she's a tubby one. I mean, she's got some pretty serious tummy fat. *Giggle*

Anyway, three day weekend up ahead. Some social studies crap to take care of, and then the weekend's mine. Oh yeah, and karate tonight. *Grumble*

Jon's gonna call, and I'm trying to get him and some other people over on Sunday. I wish I knew if he liked me.

*le Sigh*

I'm going to icon a bit, then go run.

Hasta pasta,
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